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. the more mile air in place across the estern united states. we have been showing you the maps where we shown you breamington and rochester, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. our temperatures near or above normal. the forecast for today looks like this increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures, 58 degrees for your high. for tonight here is what we are looking at, -- tonight, 48 degrees is what we are looking at with some clouds. tomorrow more clouds build in. we have a hans of showers during the chance of showers during the course of the day. 39 tomorrow. saturday and sunday a chance of rain late in the day. that's a look at what is happening on the weather. let's get a update on traffic from julie. >>> here we go on the roads now. big delay ifs you are traveling eastbound along 66. the problem with the accident we had at 50 fair oaks activity pushed to the should i. slow out of centerville. delays from 123 towards the capitol beltway. southbound 270 of rockville on the slow side. it will be for a while. local lanes below speed as well. southbound 270, slow approaching passing 109. germa
common in the united states at these town hall meetings. >> reporter: in front of a carefully selected audience and what sounded like carefully secretaried questions, he spoke about everything from the nobel peace price to his family. he did press on one point, which is access to the internet. >> i can tell you in the united states, the fact that we have free internet -- or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. and i think should be encouraged. >> reporter: and there has been some openness about the president's visit here. newsper headlines trumpet his arrival and the fact that the chinese even allowed a carefully monitored town hall meeting may be seen as progres but the president was careful not to press too hard. china is after all the largest creditor. and the president was quick to saythat the two countries fates are interconnected. >> and that is why the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome chinaas a strong and prosperous and successful member of the community of nations. >> reporter: and despite signs of openne
for the nation. a lot of clouds in the eastern united states. we have a storm system in the pacific northwest and the mid section of the nation is fairly clear. here is a at the -- a look at the radar -- or whatever it is. 35 in wichita, cold conditions across the western states. here is your five-day forecast. high today 59 degrees. periods of rain and maybe a thunderstorm late today and tomorrow. omorrow we'll see gradual clearing, 62. saturday looks to be a decent day, 61 degrees. friday more clouds move in. precipitation late sunday into monday. that is a look at the weather. here is a look at traffic with julie wright. >> we're looking through the fog right now. outer loop from college park into silver spring through the thick fog, accident on eastbound 32, traffic remains heavy and slow across the potomac to the southeast- southwest freeway. crash for the entrance at the third street tunnel is now cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> it is 7:22 right now on this thursday morning. coming up next, could you go a whole day without complaining? -- is it even possible?
fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> north korea has raised the threat to get the united states into direct talks. they say they have completed a process to make one atomic bomb. it comes as they demand direct talks. >>> and now in afghanistan, where karzai promises to root out corruption. after he was declared in election so tainted with fraud that his challenging dropped out. president obama personally called him. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter. he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment. but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the white house says despite the canceled election, the president's decision on troop levels could still be weeks away. >>> joining us with more on the situation in afghanistan is malu innocent from the catoe institute. good morning. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> we enjoyed your analysis in afghanistan, we wanted to have you back to talk about the latest development. karzai again president for another five years.
for a veteran's break for wednesday and leave for a week around thank. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: some predict a vote could slide into january. what they will vote on remains to be seen. the public option could face tough opposition in the senate. back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. >>> and prince george's county investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian after 2:00 this morning on old branch avenue in marlow heights. police are still trying to figure out what happened. driver of the striking vehicle did stay on the scene. >>> also some scary moments on the roads in the district in northern virginia. around 3:00 this morning, d.c. police witnessed gunshots between two ca at 53rd street and east capital street. shots were fired at police officers and that set off a pursuit that went into alexandria and back into d.c. where the suspects bailed out of their car at 295 and malcolm x avenue. police made three arrests and no officers were hurt. police believe
the coast of the main land. and you can see right now heavy rain across southeastern united states. and now we see a bandy of heavy rain developing from the gulf of mexico to florida and alabama has flood issues this morning. much of the region has flood warnings in affect because o the heavy rain. up to 8 inches of rain is likely in several locations so ida having an impact. close to home, here is a look at our temperatures. we have a temperature at reagan national of 50. we have to go to the graphics to see what wre doing here. 53 degrees at reagan national. dulles international is at 50. bwi marshall is at 50 degrees. satellite radar composite for the region. a lot of clouds over us this morning. its going to be a cloudy day today. your forecast for today is cloudy. temperatures cooler than yesterday. highs in the low to mid-60s as opposed to the low to mid-70s. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> tony, thank you for that. >>> let's check in with julie wright and look at what s happening in the land of traffic. >> all of these cars. and nowhere to g
.  >>> rather dubious milestone bs national debt in the united states topped $12 trillion. it's right there. translates in to nearly $39,000 for every man, woman and child. deficit for the just ended 2009 fiscal year hit all time high of $1.42 trillion. national debt increased 1.6 trillion under president obama. >>> senate bill will include what is called the class act. it's a voluntary long-term care program. some economists request whether the program will be substantial >>> another accident related to a motorcade for joe biden. secret service says a police car working ahead of the motorcade was involved in a traffic accident last night in new york city. the car wasn't part of the motorcade itself and the vice president was not hurt. some were in the accident. >>> get ready for smackdown, wwe super star will join us live in studio as we get set for the big upcoming match. >>> and the father of sarah palin 's grandchild poses for playgirl. started taking airborne to help support my immune system when i travelled. but thei realized... there are so many other times my immune system could use
it was here in the united states at that time. >> and when you got that, you and your fellow soldiers, obviously you get there and you start to interact with te people there, how long -- was there an immediate awareness that they just see us as people here and not necessarily as black people? >> there was an immediate awareness that there was a very great difference in the way we were treated, the perception of the locals. from time to time you would run into a situation where people viewed us from the standpoint of american film, which we had to sort of tell them that we were -- as depicted in the american movies. and that was one barrier we had to get over from some small extent. but otherwise it was a pleasurable experience. >> gregory, tell me about what we see in the movie. you talk primarily about army veterans, correct? >> yes. >> tell me about what some of the veterans remember. >> well they remember they're overall experiences in great britain. some of them will remember they're relationships with british women. one of the causes of problems that erupted in great britain was
and the environment. she will go to soul, korea, before returning to the united states. >>> the question about whether warning signs were missed about the nidal malik hasan. according to the washington post, army chief of staff general george casey, jr., is forming the investigativable. the president has ordered a review of any intelligence into hasan. two of the victims will be buried at arlington national cemetery. they are the two local to our area. warman will be laid to west next sunday and another one on november 25th. >>> breaking news, out of charles county, maryland. reports of people trapped of a vehicle slammed into a townhouse. live the home in st. charles. you can see a minivan smashed through the front door of that home; again, life pictures from sky fox. we think this happened fairly recently as police have just roped off the area. we'll bring you updates. again, a van into a townhouse in st. charles maryland. >>> the latest weather and traffic coming up in three minutes. >>> and also ahead, there is a mystery around the breakfast table. people have noticed that the eggo waffles have g
catholics throughout the united states. so it's almost really like america's parish. it's america's church. >> reporter: and the u.s. bishopseclared it as the national place of prayer and pilgrimage and its working because a million people a year come here. and explain to everybody where we are. >> right now we're in the lower church. we're in this wonderful space called memorial hall. and you will note that all of these names of people that are -- that have been engraved on the walls here of wonderful people throughout the many years that have given donations and have asked for prayers and they have been placed here in memorial for that. so you see them and there are thousands of them here. >> there are thousands but there was one that kind of caught our eye. we're going to kind of try to sneak over here. this looks familiar, rockny. >> the great football coach. >> reporter: he gave some money for the church. and you do give free tours. >> that's correct. 365 days throughout this whole year, every year, the basilica is always open, rain or shine it is here. >> reporter: and always welcomi
this decision. >> we owe it to the military and the united states to have that decision made and made as soon as possible. >> reporter: now the white house says the president is starting with a blank slate. rejecting the options he's been presented. including the request of his top general in afghanistan who wants as many as 40,000 additional troops. officials say he wants a clear path to turn responsibility over to the afghan government. >> in order for the united states to withdraw eventually out of that -- out of afghanistan, you have to have a stable afghanistan. >> reporter: but afghanistan is far from stable. and now at associated press reports that the u.s. ambassador there has sent a secret cable to the white house. >> the fact that cables like that are being leaked demonstrates that whatever decision is reached, there will still be disagreement after it's over. >> reporter: the president leaves foreasia today and not expected to announce a before he returns late next week. doug luzader, fox news. >>> as we turn to swine flu fears now, there are stunning new numbers behind the newest
's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> the united states senators calling for an investigation into potential safety lapses on metro. inspectors are trying to determine whether rules were followed after several workers were injured or killed. metro says a verbal agreement has been allowed for the monitors to be reviewed with an escort. >>> montgomery county leaders now discussing ways to ease congestion for you. 270 can turn into a virtual parking lot. you know it can. several ideas are on the table including a tax hike. sarah simmons is in rockville with details. >> reporter: if you look behind me, you can tell the traffic on 270 right now, even despite the rain, isn't too bad. it is busy but not like it usually is. but as julie has been saying, it's a holiday with veteran's day. on most days it is a parking lot out herement and the montgomery county council is trying to come up with a way to fix that and there are several options on the table that they are taking a look at. one to expand interstate 270 and install express toll lanes for both directions. also they're looking a
. somali pirates have seized a tanker carrying crude oil from saudi arabia to the united states. officials cannot say how many barrels of oil were on board but its value would be in the millions of dollars. >>> it looks like president obama wants to send more u.s. troops to afghanistan. he's scheduled to make a prime time speech tomorrow to announce the plans. you can be sure it's a speech both democrats and republicans will be watching very closely. fox's lauren sivon reports. >> reporter: the stakes are high for the obama administration. on tuesday evening, during a prime time address from west point, the president is expected to announce a plan to send an additional 35,000 troops to afghanistan. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are speaking out. michigan senator carl levin, the democratic senate chairman, says an afghan troop surge is the key to victory. >> if the mission is to give them the capacity to take on the taliban, and i believe that will be the principal mission stated, that would be one important thing to happen for democratic support. >> reporter: it's believed the esc
1977 and pled guilty and then escaped town. the united states is trying to get him extradited to face the charges now. >>> we're going to bat for courage the turkey. >> and spider-man. he's new and improved. ainsley earhart takes a look at thanksgiving 2009. >> reporter: the first pardon of the obama administration. courage the turkey is one lucky bird. >> now today i'm pleased to announce that thanks to the intervention of malia and sasha, because i was planning to eat this sucker, courage will also be spared this terrible and delicious fate. >> reporter: being president is a 24 hour a day job, tough decisions a daily task. but it didn't always have to be a grid. >> there are certain days that remind me of why i ran for this office and then there are moments like this where i pardon a turkey and send it to disneyland. >> reporter: meanwhile in new york city people with lining up to get ready for the 83 annual macy's day parade. >> and there is a brand new spider-man balloon and a new ronald mcdonald speed skater balloon. mickey mouse is making his fourth appearance as a new balloon.
the chance to become the next you, the next journalist, the next rapper, doctor, president of the united states. so if we give every kid in foster care in inreat nation of ours and we have the power, we have the resources, we have the facilities, but more important we have the people. because people out there are looking to adopt. so i represent what will happen if you take ti out to in put into the life of a little boy or girl the necessary things they want. all they want is family and family has nothing to do with just flesh and blood. >> so we want to tell everybody wh it is your doing this weekend, which is extraordinary. and you never know, you could change a young person's life. you have a talent show that you're hosting tomorrow at the sylvan theater near the washington monument. that is tomorrow during the day. and this is -- those who are competing are mostly foster or adopted children. >> yes. >> they will compete. the winner of that event tomorrow morning will perform with you, open for you tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night. >> so we've got these backwards. so this is the even
's not surprising. we live not just in georgetown but in the united states there is a fear of homophobia. >> and last week students attack a female wearing a gay rights shirt. >>> and a father returned to his home along oakdale circle and triangle last night to find his 17-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old man dead in a bedroom, both with gunshot wounds. police are still trying to figure out a motive for the shootings. >>> new this morning, near two dozen pets lost in a fire in montgomery county. firefighters were called out to a home along man icky street in rockville overnight. they say the five people inside are all okay but they need a new place to stay. however their expensive bird collection was destroyed. 22 parrots, parakeets and finches have died. they believe a electrical problem may have caused the fire. >>> he earned the respect and friendship of powerful and influential people. >> mattie had this inner sense, this inner understanding. mattie believed that god spoke to him, to his heart. >> and he was just a young teenager when he lost his battle with muscular dystrophy. a
with why we should be at war with fellow soldiers. why would he still be in the united states military. >> that's a good question. and one of the questions you have to answer. you can only take political correctness so far. the last thing you want to do is take someone who has a track record of radicalism and put him in an institution whose principal purpose is to carry guns. i hope my army steps back from this and takes a good, hard, long look about who they bring into the military, particularly if they're going to bring him into a medical school and give him a half million dollars of medical education. >> we get a sense of how you feel about this individual but the focus from a lot of people is going to be on how the military handles stress related individuals, whether it's folks coming back from deployment or going. are we doing okay dealing with that? >> we've come a long way in the pastour or five years. but the military does a thorough psychological creeping prior to deployment. when a soldier is deployed and particularly if he's gone through a stressful incident, particularly an
the united states and whoever wins gets the polo cup. well next year according to the website india is going to be the country so i'm wondering if their invitation or that they're excuse is someone from the indian delegation had invited them. so we'll pursue that angle. >> sounds good. and we invite folks to check out your reports as well. dan mcdermott with the warren county report. thanks for staying on top of everything. >> my pleasure. have a great black friday. >> thanks, dan, enjoy the shopping. >> and as we say in the news business, the story has legs. we'll hear about it for a while. >>> it's 43 degrees. thank you for staying with us on this friday morning. we'll tell you where you can work off that thanksgiving dinner for free. >>> then a local band gets a big honor. a chance to perform in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have highlights of their performance when fox 5 morning news continues.  here's to discovering that the little things in life are often big things and the time well spent doesn't always mean money must be spent people everywhere are building t
marred the first election. the united states promises to work with karzai and the president of the united nations made a visit to talk with both men. >>> and a bombing has killed 30 people, a few miles from islamabad as many people waiting outside of the national bank on pay day to collect their salaries. in the meantime as violence escalates the united nations is stopping long-term development work near the afghan border citing security concerns. >>> and uncertainty for businesses across the country including thretail industry ahead of the holiday shopping season because cit group filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. this company provides credit to thousands of small and mid size businesses. analysts warn the case would add to the instability of the retail sector. cit says they will continue to provide funds through the transition. >>> we ae learning more detates about a -- details about a halloween party where one victim was shot and killed and another who might never walk again. >> the shooting happened at a home in clerksville that police say is no stranger to trouble. trisha th
, tucker. thank you so much. >>> well she has traveled all across the united states and mexico and sheis just 5 years o. imannie ray melendez loves to travel and experience what each place has to offer and this is inspired her cousin to begin a children's book series based on her adventures. and we're so pleased to say welcome and good morning to author he had we rutledge. and beautiful imannie. good morning, how are you feeling? >> good. >> are you ready for turkey today? >> yes. >> and are you doing the cooking today? >> no. >> i love it. eddie, welcome you. you just flew in to see family. and you say the travel has been an important part in your family through the generations. tell us about that first? >> well since i've been a child, between my aunt and uncle and mother, whenever an opportunity has arisen, we've always been able to ravel along with them on various trips. >> your family made it a priority and a lot of times, for whatever reason, you just can't do that now. but we would get in the car and just go. and it sounds like you all really made the effort to do that as a family
financed campaign in united states history. >>> a scary scene in frederick maryland. a man pumping gas ended up on fire. so did his car. this happened at an exxon station. sarah simmons joins us with more on the top story this morning. sarah? >> reporter: well, steve, we are off interstate 270 in frederick. you can see behind me at this exxon gas station th have the area roped off. the station is closed. investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. they are still trying to clean up the area. what we are hearing right now, police are telling us that it was a 25-year-old man from germantown that has been taken to the hospital, flown to the hospital with severe burns. the state police say that this person was pumping gasoline at the pump. accordi to the station attendant here, the man went inside, used the rest room, came back outside. the next thing they knew, the car, the man and the gas pump were all on fire. what police are telling us now, he was found nearby the gas station here. he was flown to the hospital. we are told he has severe burns to 90 to 100% of his body, secon
was carrying crude oil from saudi arabia to the united states. it has 28 crew members on board. >>> iran is expanding its nuclear program. tehran will build ten more enrichment programs. they say it is a response to a watchdog group and says it is only for producing power. >>> the trial of john demjanjuk. he is charged with the murder of 28,000 jews at a nazi death camp. he volunteered to serve as a guard under the s.s. after being taken prisoner by the nazis in 1942. >>> and back here at home, a virginia middle school is picking up the pieces following an explosion on scol grounds at crittendon school in newport news. the blast injured eight people and caused a wall to collapse. investigators believe the explosion was somehow related to the work. >>> it's now 52 degrees but savor that. >> that will be our temperature today. and the temperature from yesterday has to leave because december is around the corner. >> let me ask you a question. are there allergens in the air this morning? because i'm really having problem. >> it might be my perfume. it's au de dog. >> it might be. >>> and the
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)